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Sales Headhunters: Providing Sales Jobs in the Pharmaceutical
,Medical, Software, Industrial, Advertising, and Business to Business industries to qualified candidates for over 25 years.

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The Gould Group
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US Sales jobs found by professional headhunters all employer fee paid! 
Since 1981 The Gould Group's Professional Placement Division has been assisting firms in sourcing outstanding performers in the field of sales management.  As a contingency executive search firm, we work with client companies and candidates through out the United States.
Our two decades of providing exceptional talent for some of the leading companies in their industries, has provided us with a data base of employers who need leaders in their respective fields. From field reps, district managers, through vice presidents, The Gould Group can match your unique talents with an opportunity for you to enhance your career.
The Benefits of our service are:  Minimum Investment Maximum Returns
Confidential National placements with all fees paid by our data base of thousands of potential employers.  Your current employer does not have to know that you are looking at other career opportunities.
The Gould Group Streamlines the hiring process.  In many cases we will have you going on interviews within 72 hours.  
Save time by using our recruiters who are specialists in each industry, they know how to match your unique skills and experience with the right employer so you can get paid your maximum potential without going to numerous interviews that you are either over or under qualified for.
The Gould Group has placed hundreds of professionals for over two decades.  Our industry specific recruiters know what current employers are looking for in that exact industry.  They can critique your resume and give you interviewing advice that will better prepare you for enhancing your career.
Interview Preparation
Interviewing is a learned skill that needs to be practiced. If one were once an accomplished pianist or basketball player and didn’t play for three years, the first time back, one would be rusty.  Interviewing is the same way.  Just because one is doing their sales job successfully, doesn’t mean they will be as proficient at interviewing as they would like to be.  When the Gould Group schedules a candidate for an interview, part of the preparation for that interview, is done through live role playing of typical interview questions and responses with constructive critiquing a key part. Many successful sales representatives neglect this critical process and regularly fall short of receiving offers from the quality companies they would like to join.  Utilize the twenty plus years of professional sales placement background that the Gould Group provides, to help you secure your next successful business development opportunity! 
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